Bridal Shower Plan 1 Week before


Bridal Shower Plan 1 Week Before

Bridal Shower Plan! - 1 Week Before
In order to guarantee a perfect Bridal Shower planning is key! The following pages are contain absolutely everything you need to know about planning a Bridal shower. Take the stress out of planning and organisation with our helpful tips, hints and ideas!

Bridal Shower Plan 1 Week before - Countdown
Read through our Bridal shower planning countdown, we have thought of everything so you don't have to! Follow the steps listed on the following pages for a fantastic stress free Bridal shower that the bride-to-be will treasure forever!

1 Week Before

  • Decide on your outfit! You want to look your best on the big day!

  • Book a hairdressers / Beauty Salon appointment for the morning of the Bridal shower

  • Buy any food or drink if you are catering for the event.

  • Cook and freeze any dishes that can be made in advance.

  • Ensure you have enough plates, glasses etc for all the guests.

  • Plan how the room will be decorated and make a table plan if required

  • Nominate one of the other guest to make a note of all presents at the shower so thank you letters will be easier to write!

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Planning a Bridal Shower! Make a Plan!
There are many different elements to consider during the planning stages of the party. Planning where the venue will be, planning what the theme will be, planning what decorations and decor will be required, planning what type of centerpiece to organise, planning when to send our party invitations, planning who should be on the guest list, planning whether or not a gift registry should be organised, planning what food should be served, planning what type of party favors should be given, what type of music should be selected and what type of games and activities should be played at the party! Finally after the party is over the guests should be sent 'Thank You' cards.

Bridal Shower Plan 1 Week before
We hope that this printable, free Bridal Shower Plan 1 Week before will give you some great ideas for having fun during your Bridal Shower Party and celebration!

Bridal Shower Plan 1 Week before

  • Bridal Shower Plan 1 Week before

  • Planning an agenda

  • Party Checklist - List of things to do

  • Party Planning on a Budget

  • Etiquette! Planning! Checklists! Activities

  • Party Hosting Hints, Tips and Ideas!

  • Party Planning guide

  • Party Planning  - Order of Events

  • Bridal Shower Plan 1 Week before


Bridal Shower Plan 1 Week before!

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