Bridal Shower Guest List


Bridal Shower Guest List

Planning a Bridal Shower!
Planning a Bridal Shower is the best way to ensure a successful celebration! Checklists, list of things to do really help as memory joggers and ensure that you don't forget anything. Planning this type of celebration ensures that you become organised and a little amount of time spent on the planning stage will be rewarded by a stress-free  and perfect party!  

Bridal Shower Guest List - Who Should Be Invited
Deciding who should receive an invitation to your Bridal shower is not as easy as it sounds! Forgetting to invite an old friend or family member can cause upset and distress. On the other hand, inviting feuding family members for example can make it uncomfortable for everyone! The bride-to-be should be consulted before any invitations are sent out and her decision should be final! If you are planning a surprise Bridal shower, then your guest list needs some extra thought! Guest lists should be well thought out to ensure a successful Bridal shower. Is the Bridal shower a women only event? It is getting more common for partners and children to also attend Bridal showers but the decision is completely up to you. If partners and children are not welcome at your Bridal shower, you need to make this clear on the invitations. The same rules should apply for all guests. It is not fair to invite say the children of close friends but not the children of other friends, this could cause upset and ultimately an unpleasant atmosphere which is the last thing you want at your Bridal shower!

Bridal Shower Printable Guest List

Bridal Shower Guest List - How to Keep Track of Invitations
Have some fun at your Bridal Shower with this great activity! The aim of the Bridal Shower Guest List is to help you keep track of who will be attending your Bridal shower. Its a great way to keep track of how many replies you have had. Chasing up guests for replies will be so much easier with our easy to use free printable guest list. A printable guest list is ideal if you are sharing the role of hostess, you can simply pass the list onto you co-hostess and they can immediately see the progress of the guest list. If you are inviting a large number of guests, why not consider setting up a new email address specifically for Bridal shower RSVP's? Having a separate email address is an easy way to keep track of your Bridal shower guest list when there is more than one hostess.

Bridal Shower Guest List - Printable Guest List
Print off our Bridal Shower Guest List and fill in all your guests details, you can easily update the list when you receive replies. Print off as many copies as you need!  It will save you time and best of all it is Free!

Bridal Shower Guest List
Have some fun planning your Bridal shower but make sure you spend some time thinking about your guest list before sending out any invitations!

Bridal Shower Guest List
We hope that this printable, free Bridal Shower Guest List will give you some great ideas for having fun during your Bridal Shower Party and celebration!

Bridal Shower Guest List

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  • Bridal Shower Guest List


Bridal Shower Guest List!

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