Bridal Shower Checklist


Bridal Shower Checklist

Bridal Shower Checklist!
Planning a Bridal Shower is the best way to ensure a successful celebration! Checklists, list of things to do really help as memory joggers and ensure that you don't forget anything. Planning this type of celebration ensures that you become organised and a little amount of time spent on the planning stage will be rewarded by a stress-free  and perfect party!  

Bridal Shower Checklist - Planning
Planning a stress free Bridal shower is easy as long as you are organized! Venues get booked up months in advance and even if the venue is someone's home, guests need plenty of warning! If people have to travel then they need to make travel arrangements. People with children may need to organize childcare and depending on the time of day the Bridal shower is being held then workers may need to book a days vacation. This all takes time so it is best to give guests as much notice as you can. Remember Bridal showers are fun events but they don't organize themselves! Simply follow the steps below, we have thought of everything so you can relax and enjoy the shower!

8 Weeks Before

  • Choose the Bridal shower host

  • Decide on the budget

  • Select the location of the Bridal shower party and get a list of available dates

  • Book a Bridal Shower Date

  • Book a Bridal Shower Time

  • Make a confirmed reservation with the chosen venue and get written confirmation of the date and time

  • Decide on the length of your Bridal shower (Two hours is an ideal length)

  • Plan your guest list and double check guest list with the bride to be

  • Decide on the Theme

  • Is the Bridal shower restricted to women or are partners and children welcome? Don't forget to make this clear on the invitations

  • Design and write the invitations

  • Decide on the menu

  • If the venue is at home, then make a decision whether you are going to have caterers or provide the food yourself.

  • Ask for help from other guests if you are doing the catering, don't try and do everything alone!

6 Weeks Before

  • Post or email invitations including a map or directions to the venue

  • Make sure you have included all the relevant details on invitations, check our                                    Wording Guide for Bridal Shower Invitations to ensure you haven't forgotten anything!

  • If you are catering for the Bridal shower, make a list of essential items. Do you need to hire any cake stands, serving dishes, table, chairs etc?

  • Hire a Bridal Shower Yard Sign if required.

  • Make a list of Bridal shower games and activities

  • Choose and purchase any Bridal Shower Decorations that you require

  • Register the bride-to-be with Bridal Gift registries

4 Weeks Before

  • Finalize everything! This includes games, activities, menu and decorations

  • Call the venue and the caterer and reconfirm the bookings, date and time

  • Decide on your Bridal Shower Centerpiece. Do you need to order the centerpiece or are you going to make it yourself?

  • If you are having an edible Bridal shower cake, place your order with the bakery

  • Call the florist and order your Bridal shower flowers and corsage for the bride-to-be

  • Order Helium Balloons for delivery on Bridal Shower Day

  • Buy the guests favors and prizes for the Bridal shower games                        

2 Weeks Before

  • Chase up any guests who haven't replied to their invitations so you can finalize numbers.

  • Print off copies of planned Bridal shower games, quizzes and activities for all the guests

  • Buy any extras you need for the Bridal shower games, for example jars of Bridal food, diapers, candy bars etc

  • Wrap any game prizes and favors

  • Print off name cards for the guests

1 Week Before

  • Decide on your outfit! You want to look your best on the big day!

  • Book a hairdressers / Beauty Salon appointment for the morning of the Bridal shower

  • Buy any food or drink if you are catering for the event.

  • Cook and freeze any dishes that can be made in advance.

  • Ensure you have enough plates, glasses etc for all the guests.

  • Plan how the room will be decorated and make a table plan if required

  • Nominate one of the other guest to make a note of all presents at the shower so thank you letters will be easier to write!

The Day Before

  • Pick up any flowers that you have ordered

  • Collect any rented items. Tables, chairs etc

  • Bring all non perishable food and drink to the venue if not supplied by caterers

  • Leave favors, party game printouts and prizes at the venue

  • Decorate the venue

  • Make sure your video camera is fully charged and replace the batteries in your camera

Bridal Shower Day!

  • Call the bride to be and make sure that she is ok. After all, you can't have the party without the guest of honour!

  • Remove any food from the freezer and make sure it has enough time to defrost

  • Put up any yard / house signs

  • Visit the venue and ensure the decorations are ok and any hired items have been delivered.

  • Put the table centerpiece in a central location.

  • Cover tables with tablecloths and sprinkle table confetti.

  • Ensure Helium balloons are in the right location for maximum effect

  • Set up a gift table

  • Make sure the bathroom is clean and well stocked with toilet paper, soap and clean hand towels.

  • Go to the hairdressers / beauty salon and get yourself prepared

  • Arrive at the venue at least half an hour before the guests are due to ensure everything is ready!

  • Play music in the background to match your chosen theme

  • Check you order of events to make sure the shower runs to plan

  • ENJOY!!

Bridal Shower Checklist
We hope that this printable, free Bridal Shower Checklist will give you some great ideas for having fun during your Bridal Shower Party and celebration!

Bridal Shower Checklist

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Bridal Shower Checklist!

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