Bridal Shower Messages

Bridal Shower Messages
It can be difficult to think of messages for the bride-to-be at Bridal showers. A simple "Congratulations" or "Good luck with the wedding" is not very creative. If you are looking for unique and creative messages for your Bridal shower invitations, cards or even messages for the bride-to-be, have a read through the example messages below. They are creative and best of all free!

Bridal Shower Messages - Examples


"Showering you with wishes today and for always"

"Congratulations, wishing you a life time full of happiness"

"You are just at the beginning of an amazing journey, we pray it lasts forever"

"A new beginning, may all your dreams come true"

"Wishing you a lifetime full of love, happiness, health and laughter"


Bridal Shower Messages! Word, Quotes and Verses

Homemade Invitations are guaranteed to be unique and fully personalised. We have provided a great selection of famous Bridal quotes, sayings and messages to add to your cards to ensure a unique invitation wording. You can choose a quote, poem, verse or wish from our selection to ensure your Invitations are unique!

Bridal Shower Ideas! Top Tips!
Our selection of Bridal Shower Ideas includes our example Bridal Shower Messages. Top ideas for Bridal Shower Messages! Fully personalized and creative messages guaranteed to impress!   

Bridal Shower Messages
We hope that this printable, free Bridal Shower Messages will give you some great ideas for having fun during your Bridal Shower Party and celebration!

Bridal Shower Messages

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  • Bridal Shower messages


Bridal Shower Messages!

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