Bridal Shower Email Invitations

Bridal Shower Email Invitations
Sending your Bridal shower invitations by email is a great way to save time and money as well as ensuring the invitations arrive in good time for the Bridal shower! Email invitations can range from a few simple lines of text which include all the relevant details to a creative email attachment that the recipient can view on screen or print.

Bridal Shower Email Invitations - Hints and Tips!
Decide on the theme of the occasion and extend the theme to the invitations. Decide whether you  want to adopt a Formal or Informal style and whether the 'look' should be modern or traditional. The colors and graphics used on the Bridal Shower Email Invitations should also complement the theme of the party. Sending invitations by email allows you to be as creative as you like but saves you the expense of printing costs. Emailed invitations add that personal touch. Sending emails allows the host to spend more time on planning the Bridal shower and less time chasing replies and updating the guest list. Guests can simply reply to the email, no phone calls or posting replies, a money saving option for both the host and the guests.

Bridal Shower Email Invitations - Top Tips!
Before sending any Bridal shower invitations or releasing details of the Bridal shower to anyone, the host should obtain a list of guests from the bride-to-be. The host should also ensure that everyone receives their invitation at the same time making email a perfect choice. It is easy to offend guests by sending their invitation at a later date.

Bridal Shower Email Invitations - Next Step!
Once the host has a full list of guests from the bride-to-be they can start compiling  a list of email addresses. Ensure all email addresses are typed in the bc (Blind Copy)  field of your email as people don't always appreciate others being able to see their email address. Make sure you add your own email address in the cc (Carbon Copy) field to ensure you also get a copy of the email! This step will save you time having to check through your sent items if someone has a query about the content of the email invitation or wants to double check an address etc

Bridal Shower Email Invitations - Sending the Invitation
Follow the ten steps below to ensure your email contains all the essential information:

1. Include a Bridal shower poem, verse, quote or rhyme

2. Who is invited to the Bridal shower (are children included?)

3. The name of the bride-to-be

4. Time of the Bridal shower

5. Date of the Bridal shower

6. The address and location of the Bridal Shower

7. An R.S.V.P date and email address if different to the sender

8. Include details of gift list or registry that the bride-to-be has registered for

9. Special Instructions for games and activities. For example "Please bring a Baby picture of yourself, essential for one of our fun games"

10. Specific gift instructions, for example "The theme is Kitchen so please bring an cooking / kitchen related gift! Use your imagination!"

Bridal Shower Ideas! Top Tips!
Our selection of Bridal Shower Ideas
includes Bridal shower email invitations. Top ideas for Bridal Shower email Invitations! Fully personalized and homemade Bridal shower invites are easy to make and free to send!   

Bridal Shower Email Invitations
We hope that this printable, free Bridal Shower Email Invitations will give you some great ideas for having fun during your Bridal Shower Party and celebration!

Bridal Shower Email Invitations

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Bridal Shower Email Invitations!

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