Learn to Make Gift Baskets

Learn to Make Gift Baskets
Yes, you can buy Gift Baskets but it really is quite easy to make your own! There are many benefits to homemade Bridal gift baskets - not only are they easily affordable but they are also unique. So be creative and personalize a unique Bridal gift - perfect for a bridal shower gift basket! Follow our simple Learn to Make gift baskets for that unique Bridal shower gift basket.

Learn to Make Gift Baskets - Steps to Follow
Why not try and make your own Gift Baskets? Not only a practical choice but also saves money and look fantastic! The expectant parents will love the idea that the basket is full of useful equipment and that you have taken the time and thought to create something special for them. Follow the Learn to Make Gift Baskets:

  1. Buy a basket or strong cardboard box from your local craft shop.

  2. Decorate the outside of the basket or box to match your chosen Bridal shower theme.

  3. Line the basket or box with tissue paper to match your color scheme.

  4. Fill the basket with your selected items. See the list below for some inspiration.

  5. Cover the basket or box with cellophane.

  6. Add a large bow to the handle or tie a piece of ribbon around the box or basket. This can be either home made or bought from you local dollar store.

  7. Add extra curling ribbon to the basket or box and allow to cascade over the sides for that finishing touch!

Learn to Make Gift Baskets - Ideas for Contents
Bridal Shower Gift baskets can contain a wide range of items, see the list below for some inspiration on the contents of your homemade gift basket:

  • Sachets of bath items

  • Homemade cookies

  • Coasters

  • Homemade brownies

  • Homemade quotes book

  • Potpourri sachets

  • Cookbook

  • Make Up

  • Scrapbook filled with family / guests favorite recipes

  • Speciality Teas

  • Kitchen Equipment

  • Travel Sized Toiletry Set

  • Manicure Set

  • Pedicure Set

  • Subscription to magazine / Newspaper

  • Soaps / Bubble Bath

  • Coasters

  • Pens

  • Handmade Paper Flowers

  • Bookmarks

  • Magnets

  • Candy

  • Chocolate

  • Hand or body lotion

  • Recipe cards

Learn to Make Gift Baskets
We hope that this printable, free Learn to Make Gift Baskets will give you some great ideas for having fun during your Bridal Shower Party and celebration!

Learn to Make Gift Baskets

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  • Learn to Make Gift Baskets


Learn to Make Gift Baskets!

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