Treasure Hunt Game

A Free Bridal Shower Game - The Aim of the Treasure Hunt Game!
Have some fun at your Bridal Shower with this great activity! The aim of the Treasure Hunt Game is to
is to find and then solve a series of clues and riddles and answer some questions! The last clue leads to the 'Treasure!

How to Make a Treasure Hunt Bridal Shower Game
Click the following link for a list of printable Bridal Shower Treasure Hunt Clues. The Treasure Hunt clues need to be written out in advance and 'planted' around the house or venue. This page provides full details on how to make a Bridal Shower Treasure Hunt game!

  • Write out the Treasure Hunt Clues (Post-It notes are good for this)
  • Hide the Treasure Hunt Clues around the house, according to the clues.
  • Prepare and wrap the treasure which can be some candy or sweets, or some small stocking filler gifts.
  • Print off.

Ideas for Creating Bridal Shower Treasure Hunt Clues
Creating Treasure hunt clues can be tricky so we have provided a sample Bridal Shower Treasure Hunt that are perfect for Bridal Showers. Alternatively, get some ideas from our sample and start creating your own Treasure Hunt Clues. Just look around your home or venue for ideas and inspiration of where you can hide the clues. Then make up some simple rhyming couplets.

How to Play Bridal Shower Treasure Hunt
The instructions on how to play Treasure Hunt are as follows:

  1. The Treasure Hunt Clues are read out by the leader (The series of Treasure Hunt Clues are hidden around the house or venue)
  2. Players have to solve a clue, riddle or complete a task to locate the next clue
  3. The last clue leads to the 'Treasure'. (The treasure can be some candy, a candle or some Wedding related gift)
  4. If you want the Treasure Hunt to last longer then include a Treasure Hunt Quiz, or a Scavenger Hunt, in the Treasure Hunt Game!

Playing the Bridal Shower Treasure Hunt Game
Have some fun playing the Treasure Hunt Game - a great Bridal Shower activity for a fun party and celebration. Full information is provided to play this particular activity and have some great fun. We have detailed the aim of the Treasure Hunt Game and the instructions on how to play together with any items that might be required. This activity is perfect for having some great fun at your Bridal Shower. Make the Treasure Hunt Game even more fun by having lots of inexpensive items to give out as gifts, prizes or favors!

Treasure Hunt Game
We hope that this printable, free Treasure Hunt Game will give you some great ideas for having fun during your Bridal Shower Party and celebration!

Treasure Hunt Game!

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Treasure Hunt Game!

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