Bridal Shower Chair

Bridal Shower Chair
Deciding on what type of Bridal Shower Chair to use can be great fun and add to the excitement of the occasion. Your choice of Bridal Shower Chair will help create a great atmosphere for throwing a Bridal Shower Party! Our ideas for Bridal Shower Chair will provide you with loads of creative ideas to enhance your celebrations.

Bridal Shower Chair - Make Your Own
A bridal shower chair is a perfect way to make a special chair for the bride-to-be so she can sit and open her gifts. Decorate a chair for the bride-to-be to match the bridal shower theme or color scheme. Follow the easy steps below to decorate a special bridal shower chair.

Bridal Shower Chair - What you will need

  • Tulle

  • Silk Flowers or Fresh Flowers

  • Floral Wire

  • Silk rose petals or Confetti

Bridal Shower Chair - How to decorate the Chair

  1. Select a chair to use preferably a comfortable one!

  2. Place the chair next to the gift table

  3. Measure approximately 3 to 4 feet of tulle and drape over the back and sides of the chair

  4. Secure the tulle with florists wire

  5. Attach Silk flowers or fresh flowers to the arms or the back of the chair

  6. Scatter silk rose petals or confetti on the floor around the chair

  7. Place the bridal shower gifts on each side of the chair or on the table next to the chair

Bridal Shower Chair - Themed Decor & Decorations!
Build all of your party decorations around the chosen theme.  If you need some inspiration for your themed bridal shower chair decorations then the following list should help you get creative!

  • Beach - Use seashells instead of rose petals around the base of the chair. Scatter some sticks of rock on the gift table as well as a small child's plastic bucket and spade.

  • Pink - Use pink tulle and feathers for a real 'girly' themed bridal shower chair. Pink roses, either silk or real flowers will add a perfect finishing touch.

  • Vintage - Use 'vintage' material from your chosen era to decorate the chair, tulle or ribbon in a contrasting colour will complete the vintage look.

  • Kitchen - Make your own chair cover from tea towels sewn together, similar to a patchwork quilt! A large tablecloth is also an ideal chair covering. Scatter some rice (uncooked of course!) on the floor and the gift table and decorate with kitchen implements made from cardboard.

  • Umbrella - Small paper cocktail umbrellas scattered on the gift table and a large umbrella or parasol tied to the back of the chair will add the finishing touches to an umbrella themed bridal shower.

  • Classy - Gold material and cream tulle or ribbon are ideal colors for a classy themed chair. Miniature chocolates shaped like champagne bottles scattered on the gift table will look fantastic.

  • Chic - For a Chic bridal shower chair, choose one main color, preferably white, ivory and cream for the chair cover and one other color for all the other co-ordinating accessories. Decorate the gift table with tea lights and scented candles but make sure the candles are kept away from any material or ribbon and do not leave the candles unattended!

Bridal Shower Chair - Unique Decorations!
Unique decorations are really easy to create. Take the time and the trouble to gather lots of ideas and ask friends and family to help create a memorable occasion with totally unique and personalized ideas.

Bridal Shower Chair
We hope that this printable, free Bridal Shower Chair will give you some great ideas for having fun during your Bridal Shower Party and celebration!

Bridal Shower Chair

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Bridal Shower Chair!

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