Bridal Shower Umbrella Centerpiece

Origin and History of Centerpieces! - Bridal Shower Umbrella Centerpiece
The origin and history of centerpieces date back thousands of years! A centerpiece (or centrepiece) is the most important item of a table setting display or as a central or important object. An object placed at the center of something (as on a table). The purpose of table centerpieces are as decoration, epergne, ornament or any form of ornamentation. Table Centerpieces are highly prominent or decorative items which act as the focal point of a celebration. Special occasions were celebrated with feasts or banquets and the table centerpieces for such occasions were items such as the main dish being served, lighting and flowers and plants. An epergne was the name given to a large table centerpiece with branching holders for fruit or sweets or flowers. These particular types of table decorations often consisted of several dishes or receptacles of different sizes grouped together in an ornamental design. In modern times we still use table centerpieces at family meals and celebrations and of course at Wedding receptions where the table centerpieces are the cake and flower decorations.

Bridal Shower Umbrella Decorations
Why not consider the following for your Umbrella themed Bridal shower:

  • Hang upturned umbrellas from the ceiling

  • Hang a clothes line from one side of the room to the other and peg on small items of clothes.

  • Decorate the punchbowl with cocktail umbrellas

  • Decorate a Bridal Shower cake centerpiece with cocktail umbrellas

  • Fill a slim vase with flowers and put inside a Rainboot or Wellington boot.

  • Buy umbrella shaped helium balloons and use to decorate the venue.

  • Hang children's umbrellas on the walls.

Bridal Shower Umbrella Centerpiece - Homemade Gift Baskets
Why not try and make your own Practical Bridal Shower Centerpiece? Not only a practical choice but also saves money! Follow the instructions below to make your own Bridal shower gift basket centerpiece:

  1. Buy a basket from your local craft shop.

  2. Line the basket with tissue paper to match your color scheme.

  3. Fill the basket with your selected items, soaps, chocolates, recipe cards, towels etc

  4. Cover the basket with cellophane.

  5. Add a large bow to the handle. This can be either home made or bought from you local dollar store.

  6. Add extra curling ribbon to the basket and allow to cascade over the basket for that finishing touch!

Bridal Shower Umbrella Centerpiece - Top Tips
Whatever centerpiece you decide on for your Bridal Shower, it is important to remember that it should not block guests views across the table. If you are using gift baskets then ensure the baskets are not too  high as they could obscure guests view of each other. The general view of centerpieces is that they should be low enough so that guests sitting on opposite sides of the table can see over them.

Bridal Shower Umbrella Centerpiece - Themes!
For unusual and unique ideas for designing a Bridal Shower table centerpiece, try adopting a specific theme. For a traditional theme use love symbols or icons such as a dove Decide on the colors you would like to use for decorations to enable you to achieve a color co-ordinated theme and continue this color scheme and theme when choosing your Bridal Shower Table Centerpiece. Choose themes which suit the season! Use white ornaments, lights and flower garlands to complement your themes and achieve a pretty effect. For a modern minimalist style think of snowflakes or stars which are a nice theme to go with a modern minimalist decor.  Add some sparkle with some silver ornaments and decorations. Gold and cream decorations, miniature champagne bottles and chocolate truffles are a perfect finishing touch.

Bridal Shower Umbrella Centerpiece
We hope that this printable, free Bridal Shower Umbrella Centerpiece will give you some great ideas for having fun during your Bridal Shower Party and celebration!

Bridal Shower Umbrella Centerpiece

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Bridal Shower Umbrella Centerpiece!

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